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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Our Weekend Roundup!

I am finally getting around to my update on our weekend. My hubby was off on Friday so we had a long weekend together. That does not happen often so we were very excited!
My husband and son are huge NASCAR fans. My son has watched it ever since he was old enough to hold his head up! Watching the race on Sunday afternoon is a expected event in our house. Earlier in the week my hubby called me ( all excited like a little kid) from work and said that the race was at the Atlanta Motor Speedway. He wanted me to see if I could get tickets...well being the frugal momma that I am, I said "WHAT??? They are to expensive!!" After literally hearing the wind get knocked out of his sail..... I told him I would check on the tickets.
I went on line and found that the tickets for the race were not that bad. We bought 3 tickets and my dd got in free! My hubby and son were so excited! It warmed my heart to see my hubby that excited! He has had a hard time a work and needed a break! I was so thankful that God worked everything out for us to be able to go! A little side note here...... if it were not for my "frugal" shopping.... we would not have had the extra money to go to the race.... I am now my kids hero!!!

Saturday morning the kids were up by 7:00 am.... that never happens in our house!!! We packed a few coolers and off we went. It only took 50 minutes to get to the track and the traffic was not bad at all. The kiddos visited the trailers of their favorite drivers and played a few games. It was nice to see them smile and have a good time.... they were so sweet to each other.
We made it inside the track just in time to see the trucks qualify. It was so loud..... thank goodness we didn't forget our earplugs! Later the cars came out to practice and it was neat to see how fast they go around the track and see the cars in person! The guys watched the cars and trucks go round and round while my dd and I looked through the binoculars at the guys working on the cars! We saw several of the drivers in the garage area... I think if we had sat anywhere else but in front of pit road.... my dd and I would have been bored out of our minds!!! The things you do for your men!!!

The day was beautiful and sunny.... a perfect family day! Here are a few pictures from the day..... We had a blast!

Outside Atlanta Motor Speedway

Cars lined up to go back to the garage after practicing.

DS and his favorite driver... Jeff Gordon

DD and her favorite Driver... Dale Earnhart Jr.

My two boys

Starting the truck race


Sherry said...

What fun! I bet y'all had a blast!! :D

Alicia, The Snowflake said...

Oh how fun! My guys love Nascar too. We've never been to the track for a race. They have been to the Thursday night races. And we did the tour as a homeschool group. That was fun too!

momstheword said...

When I was a kid we used to go to the stockcar races. My dad loved them. I don't know why I enjoyed them but I did!