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Monday, March 23, 2009

Making your Home Sing Monday: Going with the flow!

Making your home sing Mondays

My husband is filling in on 3rd shift again this week at work. There is suppose to be a rotation plan but..... he is having to pull 3rd again this week. Two weeks in a row! Working 3rd is not the best situation for our family. To say that it throws our routine into a tizzy is an understatement.

As a result of my husband leaving for work at 10:00 p.m., the kids stay up late and end up sleeping late the next morning. We have to be extra quiet during the school day so that Daddy can sleep. He is a little more grouchy ..... but I believe that I would be also!

Even though working 3rd is an adjustment for our family, in these times I am so thankful that my husband has a job. We are so blessed with all that we have been given.

I try to make things a little more easier during these 3rd shift times by making sure my husband has quiet time to get enough sleep, making sure he has good meals to eat and just by listening to him when he need to talk. I try to make it a little easier on the kid also, they want to see their daddy, so staying up late and sleeping in the next morning is not a big deal. We home school so we can make adjustments where they are needed.

Just by paying attention to little details our life on 3rd shift runs so much easier! That is how I am making MY HOME SING!

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Sherry said...

What a blessing to be able to make adjustments for your dh! We have to do that from time to time when dh works nights although thankfully not too often.

momstheword said...

Great post. That is one of the perks of homeschooling, the flexible schedule.

My husband has Fridays off, and it's our lightest school day. That way, if my husband wants to do something we are free to do so. Thank you for joining us today!

Deb said...

You are doing a great thing by supporting everyone in this time--your family all needs each other and that's how families get by. It's so important to see the bright side and not to get bitter when you need to buckle down. Don't forget to give yourself a break, too, though.

Thanks for the kind words...and the tag :) I'm trying to catch up, sorry I'm so slow. I'm really enjoying your blog as well.

This is the perfect day to give you the Lemonade Award. You are doing a great job of taking a tough time and making it work for your family. Come grab it when you get a chance.

Carrie said...

I understand what working thirds is like. I would rotate on weekends as an x-ray and thirds are so hard to get used to. It's almost impossible to get any sleep!
Sounds like you are making every effort to make it run smoother!

Daisigirl said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog today and for the award. I can't find it on your blog though. Am I looking in the wrong spot?

I homeschool my daughter (12) and my son (7). :0)

It is nice to meet you!

Erin said...

Awesome post! Keeping the gratitude for the job is what we do, too. While we don't have shift changes, my husband sometimes has "the job that never ends" and the family has to make adjustments for that. When I have gratitude in my heart, I am much more able to make the changes that need to be made than when I've allowed petulance to fill my spirit. Fortunately, gratitude wins out most of the time!