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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Neat Cooking Website!

I decided to take a long soak in the ole whirlpool tonight and catch up on a couple of magazines that have been laying around the house. I came across a neat website in the Better Homes and Gardens magazine. It is called . If you like to cook and enjoy finding new recipes, check it out...... There are diff. groups you can join depending on your interest. It looks like a lot of fun!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Heads up at Kroger

I also went to Kroger today..... we have a Publix and Kroger across the street from each other. I happened to go down the household cleaner isle and found a few deals and thought I would share.

*Lysol neutra air was packaged with two cans together making it $2.99/2.
I used 2 BOGO MC (up to $2.99) and got 4 cans for $2.99. That makes them .75 each!

*Lysol Toilet bowl cleaner was marked down on clearance for $1.29 ea. I used 1- .75 MC and got it for .54!

*Lysol Disinfecting Wipes on clearance for $1.64 ea. I used a Kroger BOGO coupon and got 2 for .84 ea. Even if you do not have the Kroger is a great deal....

* This was my nightmare...... the check out lady didn't want to give this to me and then very reluctantly and hatefully went ahead and still messed it up!!!!!

Air wick freshener is on sale for $1.00 each. I had 2/B2G2 free coupons.... that would mean buy 4 get 4 right...... not so simple for my check out lady.....
After going to the customer service desk and having that lady be rood to me also....... I finally got
8 cans of air wick for .50 ea. It might not have really been worth the hassle (my mother-in-law uses this stuff and I was thinking of her!)....... but in the end it worked out....... needless to say.... that Kroger will not see me darken their doors again!
Thankfully there is a nicer Kroger that I can visit! They made me feel like I was doing them wrong..... I had real coupons and using them how they were printed. This was the first time I have had any trouble so I guess I should be thankful!

Latest Publix trip

My daughter had a dental appointment today so I hit the Publix while we were out..... I think I did pretty good...

Here is the breakdown:

1 yellow onion =.64

1 red onion =.94

celery= 1.49

bag of spinach= 2.79

carrots =.89

2 boxes honey combs BOGO 3.89 = 1.95 ea. - used $1.00 off 2 MC - made them $1.45 a box.

2 boxes fruity pebbles BOGO 3.89 = 1.95 ea. - used $1.00 off 2 MC- made them $1.45 a box.

2 cans hunts crushed tomatoes= 2/$3.00 -used $1.00 off 2 MC - made them $1.00 a can.

elbow macaroni =.75

8 yoplait yogurt .50 ea = 4.00- used coupon and got them for .25 ea.

1 gallon milk =3.19

2 packs Dole Apple/caramel fruit cups BOGO= 2.27=1.14 ea. used $1.oo off 2 MC - made them .64 each.


$2 off $5 produce from Food lion

total savings in vendor coupons = $6.00

total in advertised savings = $11.56

total advantage buy savings = .78

total savings = $18.34

Total before coupons = $42.97

less total savings = $18.34

Total OOP = $24.63

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Well, after over a month...... I finally have shelving for my "deals"! My hubby finally found the time to put them up this weekend. Now I can keep up with what I have.... thanks honey!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Welcome Tonka!!

Yeah!!!! My favorite sis-in-law ( inside joke) is officially on the coupon journey with me! Hang on Tonja..... we are going to have fun..... maybe we can go off on that long needed weekend without the men with all the money we are going to save!!!!!
I love you and glad your a blogger now!

Yeah for me!

Today is my laundry day.... my daughter came to me last night before bed and said, "Momma, your laundry basket is piled up all the way to the window on the garage door." That is a tall pile waiting on me!!!! I decided to go ahead and put on a load before the kids woke up and realized that I was out of detergent. Normally that would have thrown me into a tizzy.... we home school so a trip to the store would not happen until late in the afternoon..... I could have several loads washed by then! Then a happy thought came across me..... just go down stairs and get some detergent out of your "stock pile"! It thrilled my little soul to go down stairs, get the detergent and continue with my load of laundry. Not only did it save me time, it also saved me money. Having to buy a bottle of detergent, more than likely with out a coupon or being on sale, would have taken away from my weekly budget. Boy, the little pleasures that come from being prepared!Have a blessed day!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Latest trip to Kroger...

This was a fun trip..... It wasn't as exciting as Publix, but close...

*6 Cottonelle toilet paper @ .99 ea. used (2) .50 MC and (2) .50 off 2 MC = 2 free and 2 for $1.00
*2 Toaster Strudel @ 2/$4 used 2- $1.00 off MC = paid $2.00/2
*Chuck Steak = paid $5.34 ( a treat for my hubby..... not bad price for steaks though... and they were yummy!)
* 2 Pillsbury Cresent rolls $1.80 each used 2- $1.00 MC = paid .80 for each
* 2 Fuze drinks (not in pic.---didn't make them home!) $1.00 each - used 2 -.50 off mc
*2lbs ground beef= paid1.99 each
*Ragu spaghetti sauce = paid 1.58
* Cinnamon Applesauce = paid 1.39
* Milk = paid $3.13

Final breakdown:
Total in groceries: $36.74
Total in coupons: $9.46
Total in advertised savings: $ 3.23

Total OOP: $24.05

Not bad for someone who has just started!!!!!

Latest trip to Publix!

This was my first big trip to Publix, and I must say it was a blast! I shocked the lady checking me out and myself! This will be my first breakdown so please excuse my inexperience!
*1.36 lb. apples @ 1.69 lb. = &2.30
*Squash = $1.68
*.94 lb Bananas @ .69 lb = .65
*2.27 lb grapes @ 1.49 lb = 3.30 - used Food Lion $2/@5 produce coupon
*7 boxes Green Giant boxed vegetables $1.00 per box used 7 .50 off MC
* 2 $1.00 Lysol cleaner BOGO / $2.85 - used two $1.00 off MC = paid .35 each
* 2 Yoplait Gogurt BOGO / $2.85 - used two $1.00 off two MC = paid .43 each
*2 Pomp. olive oil BOGO / $5.49 - used two $1.00 off MC= paid 1.74 each.
*3/4 lb. Boars Head Salsalito Turkey Breast $8.39 lb.-used $2/@5 Food Lion deli coupon
* Domino Sugar 1.99 = use .30 off MC Doubled
*Del Monte Sweet peas BOGO 2/$1.29 - used 1 .65 off one can
* 8 Jolly Time Popcorn - 3/$3- used 8 $1.00 off MC= FREE
Even though that is confusing...... here is the final breakdown...
Total in Groceries: $73.29
Total in coupons: $30.37
Total in Advertised Savings: 19.28
Total Savings: $49.65
Total OOP: $23.64

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year

Well, I am back. Things are somewhat back to normal around my house so I thought I would start this blog thing finally. I saw in my last post that my dear husband was going to put up a shelf for me.... well..... all my great finds are still on the piano in the basement! Okay, in his defense he has not felt all that great over the holidays.

I have been following lots of diff. blogs and getting some great tips.... it has been fun seeing how much money I can save and how much I can get for free or make a profit on. It is a work in progess for me so thanks to all who have blogs out there to help the newbies like me!

I had two great runs to Publix this weekend that I just have to post! These are my first so bear with me!

This is my first deal of 2009!! I was able to take advantage of several BOGO offers. Here is what I got.....

Total for groceries: $43.10
Total savings in coupons: -$25.20
Total OOP = $17.90

I was thrilled!!! I had so much fun that I went back the next day... this is what I got......

Total for groceries: $25.99

Total savings in coupons: $8.00

Total savings in store savings: $17.00

Total OOP: $5.19!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I won't take the time to break it down...... I am just to tired to do it!!!! It was so amazing to see how much money you can save by spending time researching before you go shopping.

Thanks so much to Stephanie at for the information!!!! I so appreciate all your hard work and that you are so willing to share!

God Bless!