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Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I am afraid it is one of those days today.... My DD is enrolled in Georgia Virtual online public school. I found out yesterday that she is a littl e behind in Science and History. WHAT?? How did that happen. So needless to say, I am in frazzle mode!
She is a wonderful student and I now she will catch up fast, it is just that I DO NOT like to be behind! We want to finish on time!!!!! Do you hear me????? I do not want to do school during the summer!!
I had several post planned, but they will have to wait until later... check back!!! I have a couple of great recipies to share!
So, enough ranting.... lets get to work!!!!


Alicia, The Snowflake said...

That does sound frustrating! I hope you can get her caught up quickly. We are a little behind this year. So I keep pushing us forward. That's all I know to do. So keep working at it. You'll get there!

Hadias said...

My daughter is enrolled in a Virtual Public HighSchool. This is the first year in my state. We really enjoy it so far. She is in the 9th grade. Previously she attended some homeschool and some brick and mortar public school.

I know that you will help your daughter get caught up. Thanks for participating in Working Willingly and for adding my button to your blog.