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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

You never know who's watching......

It is so amazing to me how actions speak louder than words! I have been clipping coupons and blogging for deals for about 4 months now. I am still new, but things seem to make sense to me now. My kids have been watching me do this coupon thing for a while, finding coupons, clipping ect. I really didn't think either one would be interested in helping me..... boy was I wrong!
My daughter ,9 yrs old, and I have been doing a lot of the coupon shopping together lately. She calls herself my assistant! She helps me clip coupons, puts them in order in my folder, she runs and gets the camera when we get home and organizes the set up for the picture. The other day we were at Publix (which, by the way has always been my favorite grocery store..... it is now my daughters favorite also!!) and I did not realize what she was doing. I had my head in the game plan at hand and she was scouting around for coupons that where in the store! She found several and even found the green savings booklet that it our a Publix..... I had just walked by it and did not even see it!

At first my kids thought that I was stealing from the stores! With us being a home school family this has be such a great math lesson and life lesson for them. My daughter has really taken to the idea. She finds it challenging and exciting like her Mom. She also was hooked when I explained to her that the only way we were able to sign her up for Rec. Softball this year was because we had saved so much on our grocery bill...... That was all it took!!!!
I have really enjoyed this time with my daughter. We talk and laugh and have the best time. We will talk about more than coupons..... she is always on her best behavior and uses those manners so politely. She calls it a Mommy/ Daughter date. I will take it!

So, with all that said.... you never know who is watching what you do....... I really was surprised when my daughter was so excited about helping. Being Frugal is contagious!!

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