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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Getting it together!

We are on Winter Break from school this week and my kiddos are still snoozing..... We stayed up late because there was a bad storm moving through. They are a little scared when storms come through.... last Mothers Day a tornado came through and caused a huge tree to fall on my sister-in-laws house. They had to move out for 2 -3 months for repairs to be done. The kids remember all the fun they had and doesn't want the same for us. Unfortunately, we do live surrounded by trees!
Anyway,,,,,,, I am getting my shopping list together for tomorrow! I plan to hit CVS for the Neutragena (sp) deal and then to Publix for their BOGOs.
This coupon thing has really become a way of life now.... I can hardly stand to buy anything with out a coupon! My kiddos even find them in the store for me. I walk right by them and they find them! Just the other day my DS found some..... they beam with pride when they bring them to me!
Enough rambling.... hope you have a glorious day!

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