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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Publix - Kimberly Clark items/Publix gift card

Yesterday was the only day I could make it by Publix to get the Kimberly Clark items I needed to qualify for the Publix gift card. The form has to be postmarked by TODAY! I think it was worth my time!

Here is the breakdown....

1 gallon Publix milk- 2.99

1 jello Chocolate pudding - 1.00

1 Keebler pie crust - 1.09

.36/lb Plum tomato - 1.49/lb- .54

6 rolls Viva Paper towels - 1.89ea./11.34/6- used 6/$1 off PC , 2/ .75/MC, .40/IC off 2, and .75/2 MC= = 2.26 for 6 rolls!

2 6pk Cottonelle bath tissue- 3.99 ea/7.98/2- used 2/.75 PC and 2/.50 MC = 4.23/2 -(I usually get Cottonelle free.... but I used this to go toward my /$10 Publix gift card)

Lipton Decaf. tea bags BOGO/ 3.99/2 = 2.00 ea.

Goodnight pants/Jumbo Pack- 16.99- used $2.00/PC and $1.00/IC- 13.99

1 jar Publix spaghetti sauce- 1.79ea

I also used $7.99 CVS ECB on this transaction!

Total before savings: $55.16

Total savings in coupons/store savings: $27.69

Total OOP: $27.47

A little high for my taste but... I will get a $10.00 Publix gift card from buying $35.00 worth of Kimberly Clark products! That way I can stomach it better. The Goodnights alone are almost $17!

This was a confusing trip for me.... the check out lady did not know Publix's policies on coupons and was totally confused! Thankfully the Manager was bagging groceries right beside where I was checking out. He was very nice,,,, unfortunately, I can not say the same about the check out lady.... she must have been having a bad day!

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