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Friday, February 12, 2010

Lookie, Lookie

Lookie what I got in the mail today.......

My sweet blog friend Carrie @ Martin Manor Happenings had a give away and I won! Can you believe all of these goodies? A Chili's gift card, Target gift card, Bath and Body works goodies and yummy chocolates! Thank you soooooo much Carrie! I absolutely LOVE everything! You are toooooooo sweet! You really know what I like!!! Sea Island Cotton is my favorite B&BW with Dancing Waters next! Your good! Be sure a visit Carrie.... she is a Mom to two of the cutest kids... You will love keeping up with them and looking at her wonderful photographs. She is quite talented with a lens! Thanks again Carrie!

P.S. For those that know about my camera woes, I found out that my digital camera will take outside pictures but no inside pictures.... apparently the flash is bad. :(


Carrie said...

Yay! ;) So glad it made it to your house! I hope you can enjoy them! I love Bath & Body Works...but don't get to enjoy all their products because Dan is allergic...but I like the hand sanitizer! {I like taking outside pictures better, anyway ;) }
Have a great weekend! Hope you get a little bit of snow!

Sherry said...

How exciting! :D Congratulations!

VKT said...

What a delightful blog! I have been teaching for 34 years so if you ever need any curriculum advice, don't hesitate to ask.

Love in Christ,