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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hot out of the oven good!

I love to bake. I just am not that good at it :) I can follow a recipe to a T and it will still come out bad. I have had my share of flat cookies and then other times they come out perfect. I love to try new recipes that I find on blogs! Today I found one for Flat Bread. It reminded me of the bread you get at Carrabbas. It looked yummy and I am here to tell you it is! I made this beauty this afternoon. It was really easy and didn't make a huge mess. Sorry the picture is so dark... no flash remember! Go to the wonderful blog called Our Best Bites for the recipe and a better picture! I highly recommend it!

This will be a keeper at the Scarbary house :)

Can you see it? It is really pretty :)
I would take a picture outside for better lighting but the kids and I have already eaten half of it :)


VKT said...

I am so hungry now.....I am actually thinking of trying to make it....I am not that good of a cook.

Sherry said...

Oh, yuM! THat looks delish!