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Friday, March 5, 2010

It's time for......

One day, a little boy opened the big family Bible and was fingering through it. As he turned the page, out fell a leaf which had been pressed in it. He picked up the leaf and ran to his mother. "Mom," he said. "Look what I found. I think it's Adams underwear!"

A Sunday School teacher asked her class if they though Noah did a lot of fishing while he was on the ark.
"Of course not," said one little boy. "How could he? He only had two worms!"

After church one day, a mother asked her daughter what the Sunday School lesson was about. The daughter replied, "Don’t' be scared, you'll get your quilt." The mother was perplexed and couldn't figure out what her daughter could be referring to. So she called the teacher and asked her what the lesson was. The teacher said, "Be not afraid, your Comforter will come."

On Easter Sunday, the minister was giving the children's sermon. He reached into a bag and pulled out an egg. He asked the children if they knew what was inside.
"I know," said one boy. "Panty hose!"

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Joyfull said...

Too cute!! I love reading those. Kids say the cutest things!

Mich said...

Too funny! Out of the mouths of the kiddos...

Sherry said...

LOL! It is hiliarious what comes out of kids' mouths! My son just asked me the other day if I grew up during the Depression. "Uh, no!" LOL!