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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hidden Treasure

This week in the Scarbary house it is eat out of the freezer/pantry week. This morning I did the dreaded "see what is in the freezer" trek. It was amazing what was hidden! We will be eating amazingly well this week :) The hubs will be excited :) I found pork chops, chicken wings, chicken tenders, tilapia, pork ribs, vegetable stir fry, tea biscuits, yeast rolls, garlic bread, and lots of diff. veggies that had fallen behind stuff. I know some of these things were in there but a few were surprises! My son saw what I was doing and asked if there was anything in there from when we moved in... gotta love him! No son,,,, I am not that bad :) I haven't tackled the outside freezer yet. It is an chest style.... I think I will wait for hubby to help me.... I am afraid I might fall in :)
It feels wonderful to have a organized if I can keep the hubs out of it! He is one of those open the door, throw it in, close the door very quickly before it falls out kind of guy!
Have you cleaned out your freezer lately? You might be surprise what you might find!

Have a great Tuesday!


Alicia, The Snowflake said...

It's an eat out of the pantry week for us too. Doesn't it feel good to know that you are prepared for those weeks? Hope you guys have a great one!

VKT said...

Good for you Teri! I am back at school this week and missed getting to read your blog first thing in the morrning like I did while I was on break. Maybe I will give mine a good cleaning this week-end!

Blessings to the Scarbarys

Joyeful said...

I think I'm due for one of these kind of weeks, too : ) I've been trying to stock up on easy meals for when the baby comes.

Sherry said...

LOL! Love the title of your post to go along with what you wrote. :D Definitely found quite some treasure in there. :D Since I did the whole OAMC thing, I have quite a bit in the freezer, thankfully.