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Monday, May 11, 2009

Fishin' in Fla

We went to visit my parents in Florida for the weekend. It was very relaxing! We surprised my Momma for Mother's Day and showed up on her doorstep Friday night. My Daddy was in on the whole thing and at was so much fun to see her reaction.

Saturday afternoon we took the kids fishing off one of the priers down from my parents house. It was a very eventful afternoon.... here is a recap!

Cha Cha and G-daddy picking peaches.

The best place to get fresh seafood in Panacea, Fla.

buying the bait!

Cha Cha caught a catfish!

Look what Daddy caught!! This was an adventure! It took 20 minutes to get him in and get the hook out of his mouth so we could throw him back!! Daddy also caught a stingray but I didn't get a picture of it.

How Sweet!

Just a quick recap of our weekend... Hope yours was great!


Carrie said...

Oh my gosh, those are awesome pictures! That sounds like a great time! How fun to surprise your mom! Wow, a turtle and a stingray! {That's why I don't like swimming in the ocean!} What great memories!

{btw...your comments are funny! yes, I'm sure Emily will love the pictures of her pouty face someday...hee hee! She can be so stubborn...NOT like me!}
Have a great day!

Sherry said...

What great pics! Looks like you had a blast! Love me some seafood!! No beach around here in KS! LOL!
Glad you were able to unhook the turtle. :D

Deb said...

Looks like a super fun trip and an awesome surprise for your mom! I know there's the laundry and the unpacking, but you're making memories that last a lifetime. You and your family will always fondly remember that trip and there is nothing better.

Happy Mother's Day!!!!

momstheword said...

How lovely to be able to just go to Florida for the weekend! We love Florida, the weather is so warm and awesome and I love the palm trees!

Glad you had a great time!

Alicia, The Snowflake said...

Oh how fun! Sounds like you guys had a great weekend! Love the pics!

Take care my sweet friend! Ooh, this reminds me I need to email and ask you something. Maybe in the am. My battery is about to die on my laptop. So I'll holler at ya later! (Don't you love that Southern talk :)