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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The end is near!!

The official end of school is near here at the Scarbary house.... 8 more days! YIPEEE!!!! I know that you can hear me squeal with delight!!! I meet today with DD teacher via the Internet/phone and make sure all is in order. I need to do a little side note for my momma bragging rights!...... My DD did so well on her 3 other writing portfolios for the year that she did no have to do her final portfolio! We were thrilled! It was a big relief knowing we did not have to throw that in on top of everything else to finish at the end of the school year!
My DS is just glad school is almost over!! He is not one for academics~ unfortunately.... he does just enough to get by.... does that sound like anyone elses son???? Please, tell me yes!
It is almost time for fun in the sun!!!!! Have a great Tuesday!

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