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Monday, November 16, 2009

The story behind "Oh Dear"~ Dean vs. Deer

Remember this picture from last week? Were here goes the story..

First, to really appreciate this story I have to fill you in on another story. My husband and his brother were rear ended by a drunk driver about a month earlier. It was about 6:00 a.m. and they were stopped to turn right when they heard squealing tires, then POW! The guy gets out and checks on things and immediately my husband could tell that he was beyond drunk. The guy proceeds to get back in his car, front end completely smashed, and drive off...leaving my husband and brother-in-law. Thankfully, my husband's other brother was in front of them in his truck and took off following the guy. The guy ditched the car, with a beer can in the cup holder and took off. The police did come and impound the car with all the good ole evidence. They did eventually find the guy! :)

Thankfully, my hubby and brother-in-law were not hurt. The ambulance was called and they did go to get checked out. My brother-in-law's truck no longer has a bumper, it is folded under the truck. Now he is stuck with getting the truck fixed and we are having fun getting all these bills in the mail from the accident.... joy!

So, now we are ready for the story behind this.........

On Friday mornings I have a leaders meeting for a Bible study that I am doing. As I was leaving this one particular morning, I looked at my phone and notice 4 missed calls from a strange number. I called it back and the following is the conversation I had......

Man: "Hello"

Me: "Hi, I had this number on my phone...??"

Man: "Yes, Is this Dean Scarbary's wife?"

(Okay,,,,, keep in mind this is 7:00 a.m., I had been in up since 3:45 a.m. and I have no idea who this person is... my heart dropped.... I thought it was the sheriff telling me my husband had been taken to the hospital...)

Me: "Ahhhh, yes it is."

Man: "Ah, Mam, your husband has been in a little accident." (my heart drops) "He hit a deer on the way to work." ( WHAT? Now keep in mind I still do not know who this is or what is really going on at this point... all I heard was, "he has been in a little accident"? DEER? Now comes the really crazy part.) "It sure was a big en... I told him I have waited my whole life to kill one that big ... He should mount it!" (on and on and on and on about how big the deer is and all the details of it. Please don't get me wrong... I am very grateful to this nice man for helping my husband out. He was very kind to help him track the poor wounded deer and get everything back to our house.... not many people are willing to help others out anymore! In the nice man's defense,,,, it really was a BIG Buck! )

Me: "Ahh sir, sir, Is my husband alright?"

Man: "OH, yes mam, he is fine."

Me: "okay, is his 4runner alright?"

Man: "well, it is drive able. I helped him get the truck and the deer back to the house." (He continues to tell me how big the buck was and all that..... He obviously was excited about seeing that big buck!)

Me: "Well, thank you for helping him. I really appreciate it."

~End of conversation with nice, overly excited about the deer man that helped my husband!

When I got home, there was my husband waiting outside for me in his nice work clothes (with blood on them) with a beat up 4runner and a BIG dead deer! He looked absolutely pitiful! The kids were amazed! They both said "Whoa"! Just because we were curious, we took the 4runner to the body shop for an estimate and the whopping total was $4800. Dean is going to get some parts on line for about $500 and fix it himself. I told him that was enough wrecks to last a life more please! We have been teasing him because, he hasn't gotten a big deer like that ever... we told him the only way he can get big deer is with a vehicle! He loves it! I am so very grateful to God that my husband was alright after both accidents and that the 4runner is still drive able! We were blessed in so many ways with both accidents. GOD IS truly GOOD all the time!

I won't post the pictures of the deer unless you want to see them.... the only ones I have have a little blood in them and I don't want to make anyone loose their cookies.... So, If you want to see them let me know and I will post them.... :)

So, there you have the story of Dean vs Deer. Unfortunately, they both lost!!! :(

Have a great Tuesday!!!!


Alicia, The Snowflake said...

Oh wow! What a story! I laughed and laughed about the guy excited over the size of the deer. But I can definitely believe it here in rural Ga. You know those guys ;)

Um...I'm not sure I would ride with your husband anymore ;)

Take care my friend!
Hope you are having a great week!

Sherry said...

LOL! Oh, my goodness! That is too funny about that guy calling excited about the big deer. :D

Glad to hear your husband is alright!