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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Some people make me SAD :(

I don't understand some people.... I have had to put up word verification and take off anonymous comments due to some ugly people.... enough said :)
I have been asked to explain my Wordless Wednesday picture and I will be more than happy to oblige!
The picture is of my sweet baby girl at her 6th Birthday party. We had her party at a gymnastics studio. She is in the "foam pit" were the girls fall after doing certain stunts. Annalee loved it, she would run at full speed and jump in! She had so much fun with her friends that day.
So there you have it.... I would love to know where you thought she was!!
Have a wonderful, safe Thursday!!!
Only 8 more days until Thanksgiving! Gobble , Gobble


SAHMinIL said...

I can't imagine that anyone thought anything negative about the picture, but then again maybe it's the weather. I had a nasty comment this week regarding my son and his surgery.

Deb said...

I wonder about people, too. Why can't they just be nice? I've gotten so much spam lately that I had to start modifying my comments again. Soon that word verification will have to go up, too.

Don't let it get you down--you are on your way to a fantastic Thanksgiving holiday.

Carrie said...

OH no! What in the world? Maybe some people have not been to a gymnastics center before...but what could be so negative about that picture? So sorry...she's adorable and I love jumping in those foam pits...except getting out is quite a challenge, haha!