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Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Okay,,, help or advice.... all the sudden I can't see the background layout or the words on my blog post. I can only see the pictures. Has anyone had this happen? I am at a loss!


Sherry said...

I can see it. Someone else was telling me that mine was having issues, too. :(

SAHMinIL said...

I can see your siggie and clearly the link to make this comment, but everything else is gone. If I try to click and highlight I can see everything. Without trying to highlight the text everything is just a big gray screen.

Where did your background come from? Is it like a cutest blog type thing, Is the URL for the background still valid? Maybe if you got your background from a 3rd party they deleted it and the URL is not good anymore.

I really do not know....just throwing some ideas out there. Hope you get your blog fix soon!