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Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday Funnies

It's been a while since I have joined Kim at Homesteadersheart for Friday Funnies.... I came across this and just had to join the fun this week.
Hop over to Kim's and get some more laughs!
Happy weekend everyone! :)

A man and a woman go to the carnival every year. Every time the man says,"Anna can we ride them airplanes that goes up for a couple of minutes then comes back down?"

The woman always replied by saying,"We don`t need to spend any extra money on them airplanes,its to expensive.Ten dollars is ten dollars."

Tom, the pilot, said," Larry, every year I hear you say you want to ride my airplanes, and every year Anna says it`s too expensive. I`ll make you a deal, if I do all of my flips and tricks with you in there with me, and you don`t say one word, I`ll give you the ride for free."

Anna and Larry discussed it and decided they would take the deal.They got up in the air and Tom did all of his tricks and flips.

Tom said,"Larry I just knew you`d say something on that first flip,but you didn`t!"

Larry replied," I was going to say something when Anna fell out, but ten dollars is ten dollars."


The Real Me! said...

I LOVE that joke. Too funny! Ten dollars is Ten dollars. LOL!
Have a fabulous Friday!

Joshlin said...

Oh My Goodness! That was just too funny! I could see my Hubby and myself doing exactly the same thing! That is so us!!!! Have a blessed day!

Kathy C. said...

Oh no! LOLOLOLOL...well, she taught him well. :)

Sherry @ Lamp Unto My Feet said...

LOL! That is hilarious!! :D

Thanks for sharing, Terri! Great to see you blogging again!