As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. Joshua 24:15

Monday, December 7, 2009

Momma dropped the ball... Boo.

I had a sad Mommy moment this weekend.... a very sad " I let my daughter down" moment. Boo. One of those that will haunt me for the rest of my Mommy life. Boo.
Last week Annalee came running down the driveway after checking the mail. She had received a letter in the mail and was so excited to find out that she was going to get to be in a Christmas parade with her AWANA group from church. How exciting.... right! I mean, I have never been in a Christmas parade before!
Her excitement grew and I keep the date IN MY HEAD for Sunday.... she needed to be there at 1:30 and the parade began at 3:00. I even called my sister-in-law to see if she and her little boy would like to go!
Any hew...... Saturday I got up early and was at Walmart shopping by 7:00. I was so proud of myself.... so organized.... I usually have not begun shopping this early in Dec. That afternoon Dean worked on his 4runner after this incident.... and me and the kids, and the sister-in-law and her son hung around my mother-in-laws house with Dean while he worked.... bored....nothing really to do.
So,,,, fast forward to Sunday morning. I get up with my mind filled with all we needed to do, and take for the parade. Blankets, chairs, camera, Annalee needed her earmuffs, jacket, gloves and ... was her AWANA shirt clean? Oh no.... ahhh yes, it is actually hanging in her closet ready to go! The morning progresses in its usual Sunday morning joy..... we get in the van and actually make it to church on time. I tell Annalee that I will find out where we need to meet for the parade. She is soooooo excited.
Meanwhile, Dean, Josh and I are in the service (Annalee is in Children's Church) and the preacher is preaching a wonderful sermon. He is preaching on reaching others for Christ when we heard something on these lines....." You have to go to where the people are.... like yesterday.... I walked in the Bolingbroke parade. The AWANA kids were on their float, throwing candy.." .......ahhhhh excuse me.... what did he just say????? The AWANA kids were what?? Yesterday???? Dean immediately looked at me.... Josh had no clue.... he ,sadly, doesn't pay attention to the sermons.... I about dropped my Bible..... The parade what,,, it's what,...not today? THE PARADE WAS NOT SUNDAY , IT WAS SATURDAY!!!!! Keep in mind from above,,,, we were at my MILs bored,,, nothing to do,,, while the PARADE was going on! Boo. Boo. Boo. Immediately I thought of Annalee.... how was I going to handle my broken hearted daughter??? And to top it all off..... it was 100% MY FAULT!!!
I went to pick her up from Children's Church and when I saw the look on her face.... I knew that she already knew. Her Momma let her down :( Boo.
I told her that I was soooo sorry and that it was completely my fault. She was bummed but said it was okay. Really it wasn't. I clearly dropped the ball. I am the Momma, it is my job to keep up with things. This was the first time I have messed something like this up for her. Dean was so sweet in trying not to make me feel like a dog. But like I told him ... this was important to her.... I just hate it.
She got over it quickly when we let her pick where she wanted to eat for lunch. She kept telling me it was okay. But from here on out the subject of "parades" will truly have new meaning here at the Scarbary house! And you better believe, Momma will be more careful :/


Tonja said...

I hate that, with the weekend we had I forgot too~ I hate that for you and for her, We were all having Scarbary moments. lol. How SICK of hearing that are we? Love yall

Carrie said...

Oh no :( I'm so sorry...I know that you must have felt bad, and you're daughter is so sweet and mature to not make a big deal of it :) I'm sure you are more hurt than she was as the Mom! We all have those moments for sure! Don't be too hard on yourself...moms have alot to do! I try to remind my kids to tell me things all the time, because they know I'll forget! Hope you have a better weekend :)