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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December 1st?

I am sitting here typing this post in amazement that it is December 1st. Where has the time gone. I can remember starting school, it seems literally like yesterday. Really, my life the past three years have felt like this. Dean came home yesterday with some paperwork from work that had his start date on it. It said "06. I cannot believe that he has been at that job since '06. That seems like so long ago!!! The past 3 years have not been pleasant ones for us so I imagine that is why it feels like forever!

Anyway, I said all that to say this, With today being Dec. 1st. I plan on taking each day of December and enjoying it!! It can be in the little things or in the planned things. The kids and I have been watching the Abc's 25 days of Christmas. It has really been fun! There have been a few shows that have to throw "something" in. Why do they feel they have to do that.... is it to keep parents on their toes? We fix hot chocolate and roast marshmallows while we watch the movies. Last night Annalee got out her sleeping bag and laid in front of the fire. What fun memories!

Hot chocolate, Christmas music, Christmas trees, Christmas movies, looking at Christmas lights, reading the Christmas story from the Bible, making ginger bread houses and cookies...... what Christmas traditions are you planning with your kids. I would love some new ideas! I will plan on posting on some on ours as the month trucks on. Hold on, its going to bo by FAST! Enjoy every minute!

Christmas 2007

Happy December 1st! I hope that you feel the love of Jesus throughout this Christmas Season!


Alicia, The Snowflake said...

You are sooooo right my friend! It is going by way too fast. I want to make the most of this season too. Maybe we can make the most together sometime. After next week, our schedule should free up. Maybe we can get together. Take care my friend!

Sherry said...

That is awesome to treasure every day of the season. It is already the end of Dec 2 and I'm wondering how much faster the rest of the month is going to go if these 2 days have flown by. LOL!