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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ice, Ice, Baby!

Living in the South, we get excited when there is the talk of SNOW!  Schools, stores and life as we know it comes to a halt with just a few inches.  A couple of weeks ago we had snow/ice in the forecast.  Even thought we didn't get much snow we did get ice~that would not melt for days.  Thankfully, we did not loose electricity during our ice wonderland.   Hubby was off for a day and we did have a wonderful time hanging out by the fireplace, roasting marshmallow, and making smores. 
Our fountain water was solid ice.

We couldn't even open the mailbox....there was no mail anyway... we live of a rural road and the mail "lady" stayed home for the day!

Josh roasting hot dogs, followed by marshmallows :)

The kids decided that they wanted to camp out in the den and had a blast.  I couldn't resist taking this sweet picture.  Aren't they angels? (esp. when they are asleep!)

Well, so far that has been our "blizzard" of 2011.  The kids are praying for real snow sometime before spring....we will see what happens. 


Mich said...

We were actully lucky and got snow. I enjoyed the snow days too.

Weather man says it may be headed my way again. Hope you get SNOW.

Sherry @ Lamp Unto My Feet said...

Oh, wow! Look at all that ice! We got freezing rain late this evening and now. Wondering what it will be like in the morning.