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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Fun times in the Mountains, Part 1

This summer has been a busy one for us but we were able to slip away for a long weekend to visit my parents in the Mnts. They live outside of Asheville, NC. The temperature is so much cooler and we always have a blast when we are there.
The trip is never complete without at visit to the creek to go "Creek Stomping". We have taken the kids to this same creek since they were babies. It is always freezing cold, but they do not care!!! They have a ball. This is also where the local churches hold their baptism services.

This is the view off of my parents front porch.... can you say "Heaven"?

Daddy and his girl taking a walk to the creek.

A little trout that was trying to hide after the kids interrupted him :)

There are always lots of butterflies at the creek drinking. When the kids where little they would catch them with their butterfly nets.... now they have moved on to this......

What is the world are they doing???? in the freezing water???

Here's Josh patiently looking... for...


A crawdad.... this is the biggest one they have ever caught.... it really looked like a baby lobster.

Here is baby girl, not at all afraid of Mr. gigantic crawdad.

Just to give you an idea of how big Mr. crawdad was.... this is my Daddy's hand holding it.

The loot.... and yes, we did let them all go..... even though Annalee wanted to keep Mr. Gigantic Crawdad. :)

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