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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Fun times in the Mountains, Part 2

The Mountains are a very special place for my family. My parents bought their place when I was pregnant with Josh, so both kids have been going since they were newborns. One special place we always visit is the Dairy Ace. It is a small place that has been around for 5o+ years. It has a U shaped eating counter and only seats 12 at a time. The kids love to go eat there every time we are in town. They have the best hamburgers and milk shakes.
Josh, Annalee, Gmomma and Gdaddy waiting on their food :)
The Mountains are full of beautiful creeks and waterfalls. There is one particular water hole that is very popular near my parents house. They call it the Blue hole because the water is so cold. The kids have always like swimming in the deep part but this trip they got brave. They decided it was time to jump off the big rock. I couldn't believe my babies were going to do it!

Here they are looking the situation over. Do I really want to do this? I don't think it was the actual jumping off the rock... I think it was the idea of how cold the water was.... it was freezing!
Annalee jumps.....

Josh jumps......

They loved it and jumped about 50 more times!!!! We couldn't get Daddy to do it... he said he didn't have his bathing suit on..... chicken :)

My parents have a little dog that absolutely LOVES Annalee..... he follows her around the whole time we are there and wines whenever she leaves him. This is always how you found them before bed time..... precious.

Bai-lee boy

Fun times in the mountains, 2010. Hopefully we can make it back in the Fall :)

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Sherry @ Lamp Unto My Feet said...

WE love the mountains around Asheville. We actually honeymooned at Lake Lure. :D

Those are some huge crawdads!!